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WLF ImageCHPA formed its Women’s Leadership Forum (WLF) to encourage the professional growth of emerging female leaders and retaining critical industry talent. The CHPA WLF formally launched at the Annual Executive Conference (AEC) in March 2019.

The CHPA WLF is led by an advisory group composed of CHPA manufacturing and associate members who provide ongoing feedback regarding the activities of the Forum. The advisory group is currently co-chaired by Keech Combe-Shetty of Combe Inc. and Susan B. Levy of Susan B. Levy Consulting, LLC. A staff working group, composed of a diverse group of CHPA staff members, provide strategic leadership and project oversight to the forum.

WLF ImageA survey conducted in November 2018 among CHPA manufacturer and associate member companies revealed that respondents were interested in having CHPA foster opportunities for educational programming, facilitate structured networking at CHPA meetings, and deliver professional growth through a mentorship program to empower women in the consumer healthcare industry.

The WLF will provide educational, networking, and relationship-building opportunities for CHPA members, encouraging one generation of female leaders to connect with and mentor the next.

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CHPA Women’s Leadership Forum – 2019 goals
Based on the survey results, the CHPA WLF plans to accomplish the following goals in 2019:

CHPA Women’s Leadership Forum – Potential future goals

  • Explore structured CHPA mentoring program
  • Develop programming regarding age/generational and/or other diversity issues

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