Vending Machine Sales

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OTC Medicine Vending Machine Graphic


In recent years, there has been a trend toward allowing over-the-counter healthcare products like pain relievers, cold medicine, bandages, and sanitary products to be sold in vending machines.

The Issue

This policy change has helped make these everyday healthcare items more affordable and accessible to consumers. Selling these products in vending machines lowers overhead costs for retailers, allowing them to offer the items at lower prices.

Additionally, placing healthcare vending machines in locations like schools, offices, and other public venues ensures people can conveniently access the products they need at all hours of the day.

CHPA’s Position

Removing barriers to obtaining basic healthcare goods allows people to promptly treat minor health issues and manage health conditions, thereby promoting community wellbeing. The success of healthcare vending indicates many consumers welcome the affordability and around-the-clock availability these machines provide. As the trend accelerates, people across socioeconomic backgrounds are empowered to conveniently tend to their healthcare needs.

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