Safe Medicine Dosing Stock Photography

New Gallery Available

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The Health in Hand Foundation released a stock photo collection in collaboration with POCStock, a global stock media company featuring people of color. The images will help drive awareness about how to accurately measure and dose liquid medicines in young children, as well as how to safely keep medicines up and away, out of the reach and sight of young children. View the collection here. Contact Mary Leonard with any questions.

Safe Medicine Dosing Photo Gallery

The Health in Hand Foundation, in partnership with the CDC and its PROTECT Initiative, pursued a project to accurately showcase liquid dosing best practices through a photo gallery featuring diverse, multicultural models. The stock photos below are available to download for free for commercial and personal use. These are high-resolution, public domain images without restrictions (license and royalty-free). We hope you incorporate and share these photos across your networks to advance the understanding of safely dosing liquid medicine in children.

If you would like to donate to the Health in Hand Foundation to support this project and its work on promoting safe medicine use, please visit this page.