CHPA — along with many other organizations, companies, and individuals — has emerged to do its part and take bolder steps to address inequity, expand access, and foster inclusive environments. We took bold, swift actions, establishing two committees for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) — a board-level steering committee and an internal staff-led inclusion, diversity, equity, acceptance (IDEA) committee — to work together to identify tangible steps that CHPA, and its member companies, could take to help promote a more inclusive industry and to support broader efforts to ensure equity for all Americans. Now well-underway, we’ve generated project ideas in the areas of Education & Training, Initiatives & Community Outreach, NextGeneration Pharma Leaders, and Policy. From our internal “Fireside Chats” to CHPA-sponsored DEI webinars and podcasts, we are working together to set a new path forward and do our part to advance equality and opportunity.

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What We've Accomplished

Heather McGhee DEI Event
  • Conducted a member survey to create the first DEI benchmark for the consumer healthcare products industry. 
  • Developed Official CHPA DEI Resource Guide and Policy Statement
  • Table-top discussions on DEI during CHPA's 2020 Leadership Summit (SLS), featuring Heather McGhee and Virtual Regulatory, Scientific & Quality (RSQ) Conference
  • To spotlight CHPA member companies who have embraced inclusive and multicultural marketing, the CHPA Educational Foundation added the Multicultural & Inclusive Campaign of the Year category to the Self-Care Marketing Awards line-up to be presented during their virtual Gala on November 17, 2021. Judges will be looking for a multicultural and inclusive marketing campaign that represents a diverse audience, which may include Hispanic, African American, Asian, LGBTQ+, and/or People with Disabilities. The campaign should authentically make the diverse audience feel seen, heard, and understood, building trust and relationships for future communication.
  • Hosted CHPA Chat Episode - Building Consumer Trust: Multicultural Brand Marketing
    • Advancing diversity and inclusion through multicultural marketing starts with connecting with consumers and building trust. Join industry leaders, including CHPA Chair Michelle Wang GoodridgeDwylett Montgomery, and Regina Shipman from The Procter & Gamble Company as they discuss how it’s done — the importance of making lasting connections and staying relevant, in part by emphasizing what unifies us and what makes us unique. Listen to the episode here.
  • Product Donation Program: In an effort to serve marginalized and underserved communities, the Initiatives & Community Outreach Subcommittee launched a product donation program that will provide access to consumer healthcare products to specific communities that are most in need. Learn more about how to participate!
  • Completed bias training for all staff
  • Hosted the Fireside Chats dialogue
  • Established a staff Day of Service

"Volunteering to advocate for the rights of individuals with Down syndrome is very important to my family. Having the flexibility to dedicate an entire weekday to schedule meetings with lawmakers helps us make a real impact."

Robbie McLuckie, Senior Manager, State & Local Government Affairs – Eastern Region

Additional Resources

Scott Melville Headshot
CEO Pledge Commitment
This pledge outlines actions the signatory CEOs will take to cultivate a trusting environment where all employees feel comfortable and empowered.
DEI Resource Guide Cover Page
DEI Resource Guide


CHPA established two committees to champion our DEI work: 1) a board-level steering committee focused on industry initiatives and 2) an internal, staff-led committee focused on organizational initiatives. The two committees work in tandem to share ideas and perspectives that enable our subcommittees to drill deeper into several core focus areas on DEI.


  • Education and Training: Aims to provide a best practice framework for generating educational programs, training, and resources to enhance our understanding of inclusion, diversity, equity, and acceptance. 
  • Initiatives and Community Outreach: Aims to build trust with community leaders, address health disparities through access, education, cultural events, and volunteer opportunities, and ensure that CHPA Member company advertising is reflective of diverse and underserved communities.
  • NextGen Consumer Healthcare Leaders: Aims to increase awareness and representation and support a pipeline of diverse talent in our industry and association, with a specific focus around recruitment, retention, development, and mentorship.
  • Policy: Aims to provide resources, best practices, and policies and procedures designed to promote a fair, equitable, inclusive, and sensitive work environment for all employees.
African American Woman and Colleagues in a corporate setting
DEI Board Steering Committee
Millennial black businesswoman addressing colleagues at a corporate business meeting
Staff IDEA Committee