This past year, CHPA took bold actions in response to the global reckoning on racial injustice. We established two separate committees for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) – a board-level steering committee and an internal staff-led inclusion, diversity, equity, acceptance (IDEA) committee – to identify tangible steps that CHPA, and its member companies, could take to help promote a more inclusive industry and to support broader efforts to ensure equity for all Americans.

In a short time we've accomplished a lot:

CHPA Board Steering Committee:

CHPA IDEA Committee:

  • Created a Mission Statement
  • Established IDEA Subcommittees
  • Prepared CHPA's first ever DEI policy
  • Observing MLK Day as an official CHPA holiday
  • Establishing a staff Day of Service
  • Completing bias training for all staff
  • Hosting the Fireside Chat dialogue
  • Connecting with local organizations and businesses
  • Table-top discussions on DEI during CHPA's 2020 Virtual Regulatory, Scientific & Quality (RSQ) Conference and Virtual Gala of the CHPA Educational Foundation (CHPAEF).


CHPA established two committees to champion our DEI work: 1) a board-level steering committee focused on industry initiatives and 2) an internal, staff-led committee focused on organizational initiatives. Each committee has four subcommittees that drill deeper into a core focus area on DEI.

DEI Board Steering Committee Objectives

  • Education and Training: To generate a best practice framework for companies’ DEI programs with a focus on educational programs and training.
  • Policy: To provide resources and tools to assist companies interested in establishing or advancing internal policies, procedures, and best practices designed to promote an inclusive work environment.
  • Initiatives and Community Outreach: To build trust with community leaders, address health disparities through access & education, and ensure that CHPA Member company advertising is reflective of diverse communities.
  • NextGen Consumer Healthcare Leaders: To increase awareness and representation and support a pipeline of diverse talent in our industry, with a specific focus around recruitment, retention, development, and mentorship.

IDEA Subcommittees

  • Education & Training: Generates educational programs, training, and resources to enhance our understanding of inclusion, diversity, equity, and acceptance.
  • Policy: Assesses, promotes, and develops best practices, policies, and procedures that are fair, equitable, inclusive, and sensitive for all employees in the workplace.
  • Initiatives & Community Outreach: Serves marginalized and underserved communities and focuses on a variety of topics, including access to affordable healthcare. Moreover, it is actively involved in our local communities — including cultural events, education, and volunteer opportunities.
  • NextGen Pharma Leaders Program: Establishes mentorship, internship, and career opportunities for middle, high school, and college students living in marginalized and underserved communities.
Small groups networking at a business conference
DEI Board Steering Committee
Millennial black businesswoman addressing colleagues at a corporate business meeting
Staff IDEA Committee