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Season 1 Episodes
  • A New Year, New Administration, and New Congress: What does it mean for consumer healthcare? 
  • Environmental Policy Meets Consumer Healthcare in the States 
  • Building Consumer Trust: Multicultural Brand Marketing
  • Legends of Consumer Healthcare: Mike Donnantuono
  • Sustainability in Practice: From Toothpaste Tubes to Playgrounds
  • Med-fluencers: Supporting Trusted Brands on Social Media and Beyond
Dietary Supplements Mini-Series
  • Dietary Supplements and the Pandemic Boom in Wellness
  • Scientific Credibility of the Dietary Supplements Category: Issues and Opportunities
  • The History of DSHEA and Its Founding Mothers and Fathers 
  • Dietary Supplements: Can They Become Part of Health Systems?
  • Turning Healthcare Right-side Up, Starting with People
  • Digital Platforms that are Changing Healthcare
  • Consolidation in the Dietary Supplement Category
  • What Can Healthcare Learn from Wayfair?

Meet the Hosts

Anita in a pink dress, smiling over her shoulder at the camera
Anita Brikman
Senior Vice President, Communications & Public Affairs, and Executive Director, CHPA Educational Foundation
John Troup in a sport coat with arms crossed
John Troup Ph.D.
Vice President, Scientific Affairs and Dietary Supplements