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Introducing 2024 Health In Hand Funds

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This year, the Health In Hand Foundation is introducing four brand new funds to support our vital work to empower safe and responsible self-care: Consumer Safety, Shopper Education, Self-Care Category Awareness, and Safeguard the Future. These funds will enable corporate or individual donors to contribute to specific areas of their choice, ensuring resources are directed where needed. This targeted approach allows us to prioritize and enhance the programs most valued by our supporters.

I am ready to donate to the Health In Hand Foundation. What’s next?
Simply review the new Fund opportunities to see what area you’d like to support and reach out to Executive Director Mary Leonard for a custom proposal at

2024 Funds

Consumer Safety Fund - Goal: $50,000

Consumer Safety has been at the core of Health in Hand programming since our inception, and we have years of experience creating award-winning, comprehensive campaigns to protect public health and prevent the unintentional misuse of our industry’s products. Our Consumer Safety Fund will be allocated specifically to our public health safety campaigns, including:

  • Up and Away: Protecting kids from harm through safe storage education to parents and caregivers.
  • Know Your Dose: Promoting the safe use of acetaminophen.
  • OTC pain reliever safety education: Empowering consumers to understand the OTC pain reliever that may be right for them, based on their individual risk factors.
  • Community education: Providing self-care safety information through HCP and parent-facing networks, especially for underserved communities.
  • Third-Party Supplier Counterfeit Safety Education: Educating consumers to understand how to avoid counterfeit products through third-party supplier networks.

Metrics: We measure impact by reach and engagement with consumers and families and track published data on unintentional misuse trends.

Shopper Education Fund - Goal: $100,000

The Foundation has a long history of working with retailers to provide education at the shopper level. Our Shopper Education Fund will directly support our current Family Dollar self-care education program. This partnership supports low-income consumers, many living in underserved communities, and helps empower them to safely choose and use our industry’s products. The 2024 categories include:

  • Oral care
  • Pain relief
  • Digestive health
  • Cough/cold/flu and allergies
  • First Aid
  • Eye, Ear, and Foot Care
  • Vitamins and supplements

Through digital and in-store activations, our educational content includes category and product-level information. Funds can be allocated to a specific category or to the entire program.

Metrics: Our educational content is placed on wayfinding strips across all 8,000 stores. To date, we have seen 1,000 QR code scans and 10,000 site visits.

Self-Care Category Awareness Fund - Goal: $50,000

The Self-Care Category Awareness Fund amplifies specific self-care categories through curated content partnerships with manufacturers. We want to work with you to drive visibility and awareness to a product category (i.e. allergies, oral care, women’s health) on and amplify this content throughout HIH’s digital ecosystem, which can reach millions of families each year. This includes a comprehensive approach to category content, product information, creative development, and paid media opportunities.

Foundation staff can develop a personalized opportunity to elevate your categories and drive consumer education. Examples of past successful collaborations are available upon request.

Note: Minimum gift for this category is $10,000.

Metrics: We measure impact by analyzing reach and engagement with consumers and families based on specific goals identified. Additional consumer behavior is measured through polls and surveys.

Safeguard the Future Fund - Goal: $200,000

Health in Hand is committed to providing our educational resources to consumers for generations to come. The Safeguard the Future Fund will ensure our long-term sustainability. These contributions go directly to the operations and administration of Health In Hand, making sure we have the staff and infrastructure to make all our programming to promote responsible self-care possible.

The Safeguard the Future fund also provides vital dollars to the operating budget which allows us to respond to new opportunities!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does my donation help Health In Hand?

When you contribute to Health In Hand Funds, your donation is more than a gift. Your donation allows for the growth of our exceptional educational programs, national and community partnerships, retail collaborations, direct-to-consumer online education, and more! The funds raised are vital to enhancing the reach and impact of our work.

How are these funds different from a general donation?

Health In Hand funds allow you to be specific with your gift. You can choose to split your gift across multiple funds or select one fund to support. We are grateful for your consideration because all our funds have critical work streams that support the safe and responsible use of our industry’s products for families across America.

What size gift would make a difference for Health In Hand?

Truly every gift, regardless of size, makes a difference to the Health In Hand Foundation. Donor gifts range from $1,000-$100,000 – and participation at any level is paramount. We ask each donor to thoughtfully consider a gift that will be most meaningful to them. For context, donations of $10,000 and more can support the development of educational programming (videos, graphics, PSAs) and promotion (paid media) to key audiences, as well as support collaborations with other organizations. Donations below $10,000 can support elements of educational programming or one smaller activation within a larger collaboration.  

What are the monetary goals associated with each fund?

These are goals that Health In Hand leadership have established based on the Foundation’s 2024 budget, which is calculated by past giving information, as well as estimated giving from donor prospects.

Is my gift tax deductible?

Yes! The Health In Hand Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions are tax deductible for income tax purposes to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Ready to support the Health In Hand Foundation? Reach out to Executive Director Mary Leonard to make your donation today.

The Health In Hand Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions are tax deductible for income tax purposes to the fullest extent allowed by law.