Our Team

Every day, we work to embody the CHPA workplace values of:

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Empowerment
  • Development

Senior Management Staff

Anita Brikman Headshot
Senior Vice President, Communications & Public Affairs, and Executive Director, CHPA Educational Foundation
Beth Allgaier Headshot in black blazer and white shirt
Senior Vice President, Business Development and Industry Relations
Brian Green Headshot in suit and yellow tie
Senior Vice President, Finance and Operations & Chief Financial Officer
Barbara Kochanowski Headshot in grey blazer and black blouse
Senior Vice President, Regulatory & Scientific Affairs
David Spangler Headshot in suit and red tie
Senior Vice President, Legal, Government Affairs & Policy
Duffy MacKay Headshot
Senior Vice President, Dietary Supplements

Office of the President & CEO

Kim Morton Headshot in light blue top
Executive Assistant to President and CEO, Business Development and Industry Relations


Business Development & Industry Relations

Phyllis Taylor headshot in black and lilac with scarf
Senior Director, Membership & Sponsorships
Charlynn Driscoll Headshot in navy blouse
Director, Meetings and Education
Shanae McFadden Headshot in red
Senior Manager, Meetings and E-Learning
Ushma Suvarnakar Headshot
Senior Manager, Education


Mike Tringale Headshot in suit and tie
Vice President, Communications & Public Affairs
Lauren Bloomberg Headshot in blue top
Senior Director, Communications & Media Relations
Mary Leonard Headshot in black dress
Managing Director, CHPA Educational Foundation
Allegra Bartscherer Headshot
Director, Marketing & Communications
Kelsey Saylors Headshot in multicolored top
Senior Digital Content & Campaign Manager, CHPA Educational Foundation
Kevin Coroneos in suit and tie
Senior Manager, Communications and Media Relations
Susan Reilly Headshot in orange
Manager, Communications & Media Relations
Stefanie Massey Headshot
Executive Assistant, Communications & CHPA Educational Foundation

Legal, Government Affairs, & Policy

Marc Schloss Headshot in suit and tie
Vice President, Federal Government Affairs
Carlos Gutierrez Headshot in suit and red tie
Vice President, State & Local Government Affairs
Taylor Holgate Headshot in dark green blouse
Director, Federal Government Affairs
Marina Karp Headshot in blue blouse
Director, Health Policy
Robbie McLuckie Headshot in grey suit and lilac tie
Senior Manager, State & Local Government Affairs – Eastern Region
Kennedy Solomon Headshot
Manager, Government Affairs
Adriainie Thomas headshot wearing black blazer and pink shirt
Executive Assistant, Senior Vice President Legal, Government Affairs and Policy

Regulatory & Scientific Affairs

Marcia Howard Headshot
Vice President, Regulatory & Scientific Affairs
Jay Sirois Headshot
Senior Director, Regulatory & Scientific Affairs
John Punzi Headshot in suit and lilac tie
Senior Director, Quality Assurance & Technical Affairs
Mary McDonald Headshot in blue
Executive Assistant and Technical Meetings Planner