Know Your Dose

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Know Your Dose (KYD) educates patients and consumers about the safe and effective use of acetaminophen, the most commonly used drug ingredient in the United States. The campaign is run by the Acetaminophen Awareness Coalition (AAC) — a group of consumer organizations, health organizations, and healthcare provider organizations, including Health in Hand.

Know Your Dose follows three strategic objectives:

  • Increase consumer knowledge and intent-to-change behavior around acetaminophen safe use

  • Increase healthcare provider conversations about the safe use of acetaminophen and dissemination of patient educational materials

  • Optimize KYD acetaminophen safe use messages and resources

Through paid media, earned media, and amplification from AAC members, Know Your Dose reminds both English and Spanish-speaking consumers to practice acetaminophen safety.

To learn more about the campaign, including a full list of partners and campaign resources, visit

Campaign Highlights

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FDA tweet with graphical representation of the U.S.
FDA is an advisor of the AAC and promotes Know Your Dose safe use messages to its followers on social media.


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With so many prescription and OTC medicines containing acetaminophen, Know Your Dose reminds consumers to read and follow the label to avoid exceeding the maximum daily dose.