Our Initiatives

The Health in Hand Foundation leads influential, innovative educational initiatives that address specific areas where consumers need guidance and support, including:

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Health In Hand Website

The Health in Hand Foundation’s mobile-friendly website, HealthInHand.org, provides consumers with easily accessible information and guidance on how to safely use, store, and dispose of self-care products. The Health in Hand Foundation also reaches millions of consumers through its award-winning social media presence.

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Up and Away

Up and Away reminds families of the importance of safe medicine storage to prevent young children from accidentally getting into medicine.

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Racially ambiguous man and woman giving racially ambiguous toddler medicine
Safe Medicine Dosing Gallery

The purpose of this project is to accurately showcase liquid dosing best practices through a photo gallery featuring diverse, multicultural models. 

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Know Your Dose

Know Your Dose educates consumers about the safe and effective use of acetaminophen, the most commonly used drug ingredient in the U.S.

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OTC Pain Reliever Education

The OTC Pain Reliever Education Campaign educates consumers on how to appropriately select and safely use OTC internal analgesics.

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