Women's Leadership Forum

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Orange and teal women's leadership forum logo

CHPA formed its Women’s Leadership Forum (WLF) to encourage the professional growth of emerging female leaders and retain critical industry talent. The CHPA WLF formally launched at the Annual Executive Conference (AEC) in March 2019.

The CHPA WLF is led by an advisory group composed of CHPA manufacturing and associate members who develop the ongoing activities of the Forum. A staff working group, composed of a diverse group of CHPA staff members, provide strategic leadership and project oversight to the forum.

The WLF provides educational, networking, and relationship-building opportunities for CHPA members, encouraging one generation of female leaders to connect with and mentor the next.

Stay Informed and Connected

CHPA members can request to join the WLF LinkedIn Group which helps us:

  • Connect with each other
  • Share best practices and tips in the form of links to posts, articles, blogs, videos, etc.
  • Foster an environment in which we can champion each others' accomplishments
  • Highlight Women’s Leadership Forum activities, and promote related opportunities of interest

For more information please contact WLF@chpa.org.