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CHPA is supportive of the FDA’s proposed regulation to implement Section 305 of the Bioterrorism Act. However, CHPA encourages FDA to reconsider its position with respect to the definition of food and the confidentiality afforded to the information provided to the agency.

Apr 4, 2003

We understand that FDA is considering a switch of a second generation antihistamine, from prescription to OTC status, over the objections of the company. CHPA opposes a policy to force switch over the objections of the drug sponsor.

Mar 26, 2003

CHPA endorses PhRMA’s analysis and conclusions concerning the First Amendment protections for trade names. These legal principles apply equally to the selection and use of trade names for OTC medicine and dietary supplement products.

Oct 28, 2002

CHPA supports efforts to reduce medication errors, including those that encompass errors in information acquisition by the consumer, who is the principal end user of self care products, and by health professionals as well.

Jul 26, 2002

The January 4 Federal Register included a request for comments on the Secretary’s initiative and advisory committee on ways to reduce challenges that can inhibit the delivery of health care or the development of medical products. We have two general comments and three specific comments.

Mar 5, 2002

Enclosed for FDA review are final reports on 2-year carcinogenicity studies with topically applied benzoyl peroxide gels in F344 rats and B6C3F1 mice submitted by the Benzoyl Peroxide Study Group of CHPA.

Dec 27, 2001

CHPA wishes to draw attention to varying restrictions on how nonprescription medicines can be displayed or accessed among European Union Member States as a barrier to market entry for such products.

Dec 17, 2001

CHPA charged IOM to develop a proposed framework for categorizing and prioritizing DS ingredients based on safety issues, describe a process for developing a system of scientific reviews for evaluating the safety of DS ingredients, and develop at least six scientific reviews as prototypes for the system.

Oct 11, 2001

Comments before the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy on information development and dissemination.

Mar 26, 2001

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