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The noteworthy "Flag the Label" program has been adopted by members of the Consumer Healthcare Products Association to aid in alerting consumers to significant changes in nonprescription medicines.

CHPA supports a review of existing rules and coordination efforts to identify opportunities that could mitigate shortage risks during times of peak need.

The advertising of nonprescription, over-the-counter medicines helps acquaint the public with these products and must be truthful, not misleading, and must meet high standards reflecting the nature of the product advertised.

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Learn more about the issues CHPA addresses in the OTC medicine, dietary supplement, and consumer medical device industries.

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CHPA is the home for responsible members of the consumer healthcare community. We represent leading manufacturers, and the companies that service them, in the area of OTC medicines, dietary supplements, and consumer medical devices.

Since existing federal laws already mandate comprehensive disclosure of all clinically relevant ingredients plus extensive post-market oversight, further state and local requirements layered on may afford minimal practical advantages.

This white paper provides guidance for the evaluation and reporting of impurities in OTC monograph drug products formulated as topicals and topical rinses. This document serves as CHPA's member company consensus on this complex issue.

Current good manufacturing practices establish uniform standards to ensure quality throughout the manufacturing, packaging, labeling, and holding of OTC medicines and dietary supplement products.

CHPA supports the regulatory authorities governing dietary supplement manufacturing, labeling, and marketing and works to ensure the availability of safe dietary supplements.

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The Dietary Supplements Access Act of 2023 is bipartisan legislation intended to give American consumers increased flexibility to best determine how to use their pre-tax dollars to stay healthy.

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