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FDA Announcement of a proposed safety-based Administrative Order (AO) to address dosage strengths of oral, single ingredient, pediatric acetaminophen products. This AO proposal includes the addition of weight and age-based dosing for children under age 12.

While VOCs can have environmental impacts in aggregate, existing alternatives don’t always provide the consistent therapeutic results needed for OTC products relied upon by millions for. As such, any legislation aimed at further restricting pharmaceutical VOCs must carefully weigh potential unintended consequences on public health.

Informed Consumer Decision Making

Members of CHPA which market dietary supplements formally initiated a voluntary labeling program on March 22, 2000 which relates to the use of the following label statement on dietary supplement products.

Find comprehensive resources for understanding the CARES Act and its impact.

CHPA has concerns with granting unilateral authority to temporarily schedule substance restrictions, without legislative oversight or consent

The noteworthy "Flag the Label" program has been adopted by members of the Consumer Healthcare Products Association to aid in alerting consumers to significant changes in nonprescription medicines.

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Learn more about the issues CHPA addresses in the OTC medicine, dietary supplement, and consumer medical device industries.

CHPA generally supports prohibitions on animal testing while allowing exemptions in select research areas deemed critical to substantiating human health and safety based on federal or state regulator evaluations.

The advertising of nonprescription, over-the-counter medicines helps acquaint the public with these products and must be truthful, not misleading, and must meet high standards reflecting the nature of the product advertised.

Current good manufacturing practices establish uniform standards to ensure quality throughout the manufacturing, packaging, labeling, and holding of OTC medicines and dietary supplement products.

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