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Comments submitted by the Consumer Healthcare Products Association and the Personal Care Products Council regarding draft guidance for industry on enforcement policy for OTC sunscreen drug products marketed without an approved application.

Aug 16, 2011

Personal Care Products Council and CHPA comments in response to FDA rule regarding labeling and effectiveness requirements for certain OTC sunscreen products.

Aug 16, 2011

CHPA applauds the approach for creating a public forum to collect current research and comments to advance the science of engineered nanomaterials.

Aug 15, 2011

The PCPC and CHPA are pleased to provide these comments in response to FDA's proposed amendment to the final monograph for OTC sunscreen drug products for human use.

Feb 26, 2007

CTFA and CHPA support regulatory action that allows industry to develop and market additional safe and efficacious sunscreen products.

Oct 9, 2003

This Citizen Petition requests the Commissioner of Food and Drugs to take the following action with respect to the Final Monograph for OTC Sunscreen Drug Products.

Aug 22, 2003

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