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CHPA comments on the “Notice of Availability of Draft Guidance Regarding Which Children’s Products are Subject to the Requirements of CPSIA Section 108.”

Mar 24, 2009

Position of the CHPA Pediatric Task Force on cough and cold medicines for pediatric use.

Dec 2, 2008

CHPA and its member companies who make oral pediatric cough and cold medicines strongly believe that the current data support the safety and efficacy of these medicines when used as directed; however, we are committed to working with FDA to better enhance consumer use of these products.

Jul 10, 2008

CHPA's voluntary plan to address concerns surrounding the safety and efficacy of OTC oral pediatric cough and cold medicines. CHPA, on behalf of its member companies, commits to the following initiatives.

Nov 28, 2007

Lawmakers should support the centralized progress made on ingredient evaluation, labeling, and packaging protections by specialized national children’s health agencies instead of allowing jurisdiction confusion that ultimately hinders healthcare advancement for all ages.

Under a voluntary program which began in November 2007, manufacturers of OTC oral pediatric cough and cold medicines should take the following steps in the labeling, packaging, and promotion of these medicines.

The Health in Hand Foundation is dedicated to helping consumers lead happier, healthier lives by providing information and guidance on how to safely use, store, and dispose of OTC medicines, dietary supplements, and consumer medical devices.

FDA headquarters sign in Washington DC

The Annual Forecast for Planned Monograph Activities describes planned monograph activities that FDA intends to address over the ensuing three years.

Understand how CHPA’s member companies are working to replenish supply quickly by directing products where they are needed most. This document also includes information about where parents can find these medicines and additional self-care options to aid in comfort and relief.

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