CHPA’s Dr. Jay Sirois & Dietary Supplement Manufacturers Jointly Publish Paper on Comprehensive Safety Considerations for Industry in Journal of Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology

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Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) Vice President of Regulatory & Scientific Affairs Jay Sirois, PhD released the following statement today following the publication of a paper, Safety Considerations for Dietary Supplement Manufacturers in the United States, which he recently co-authored alongside several CHPA manufacturers in the Journal of Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology:  

“As the use of dietary supplements continues to increase in the United States, manufacturers should understand the importance of implementing a robust approach to establishing safety for all supplement ingredients, components, and finished products. This peer-reviewed publication provides a comprehensive overview of safety assessment principles to consider when supporting the safety of dietary ingredients or supplements. Our paper reviews ingredient safety principles throughout the cycle of a finished dietary supplement product – from the evaluation of dietary ingredients to the manufacturing process and the monitoring of adverse events.  

“Manufacturers of dietary supplements are responsible for ensuring that they have evidence supporting the safety of their products, and must follow regulatory requirements for manufacturing, packaging, labeling, and regularly monitor adverse events. This paper provides a helpful overview of safety assessment parameters companies can employ, in order to better ensure that safe products – backed by responsible science – are provided to consumers.” 

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