CHPA Statement on JAMA Research Letter Regarding Melatonin

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CHPA’s SVP of Dietary Supplements Duffy MacKay responds to reporting on a research letter published in JAMA today finding that 22 out of 25 melatonin products analyzed were mislabeled, containing variable amounts of the ingredient:

“Melatonin is a safe and beneficial dietary supplement for adults and children, regulated by the FDA, and consumed by millions of Americans to support and promote healthy sleep and wellness when used as directed on Supplement Facts labels.

“FDA regulations require dietary supplements to contain a minimum of 100 percent of the amount claimed on the product label throughout its shelf life. Intentional ingredient overage is permitted for nutrient longevity and safe for consumers when within known safety levels consistent with good manufacturing practices (GMPs).

“CHPA takes very seriously the responsibility of educating consumers about the safe and proper use of products and following the recommended usage on the label. We also remind parents about their role in helping to prevent accidental pediatric ingestions of consumer healthcare products, which is why melatonin should always be kept up and away and out of reach of young children.

“Our Up and Away campaign has successfully helped educate more than 150 million parents and caregivers on the safe storage of medicines and dietary supplements in partnership with the CDC and its PROTECT Initiative. CHPA’s Educational Foundation remains committed to furthering these efforts and encourages readers to visit for more information.”