CHPA Statement Regarding Acetaminophen Study in JAMA Psychiatry

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“Every day, millions of Americans rely on over-the-counter (OTC) acetaminophen to treat pain and/or fever, and they can rest assured that the safety and efficacy of acetaminophen is well documented and supported by decades of scientific study and real-world use. The observational research published in JAMA Psychiatry does not prove a causal link and only suggests a possible association between maternal use of acetaminophen around the time of birth and the risk of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and autism spectrum disorder in their children. The authors do not suggest any changes to current practices regarding the use of acetaminophen during pregnancy, noting that additional research is needed. The authors also point out that other factors not considered by their research may have contributed to the observed results. 

“The Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) supports and encourages continued research and promotes ongoing consumer education to help ensure safe use of OTC medicines. As noted on the Drug Facts label, pregnant women should always consult their healthcare professional before taking OTC pain relievers, including acetaminophen. To learn more about safe use of OTC medicines while pregnant or nursing visit the CHPA Educational Foundation website,”

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