CHPA Update on Children’s Pain Reliever Products

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“CHPA is in constant contact with our member companies that manufacture pediatric analgesics, including liquid formulations. They have confirmed they are operating facilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and not currently experiencing widespread shortages in the United States. Additionally, CHPA is in regular communication with healthcare professionals and the FDA.   

“The reason for the scarcity of OTC children’s pain relievers at certain retail locations is a direct result of the recent and rapid increase in demand driven by a rise in pediatric cases of respiratory illnesses including the flu, COVID, and RSV. 

“Manufacturers are producing at full capacity and directing product inventory to where it is needed most. However, we understand it might be frustrating for parents to quickly locate these products from their usual pharmacy or retailer due to intermittent out-of-stocks. 

“Parents may have to choose a different brand with the same ingredients, as well as different formulations, such as chewables vs. liquid for children over the age of two. They should also consider additional self-care alternatives to aid comfort and relief at the direction of their health care provider.    

“We want to further reiterate the importance of responsible purchasing practices. Media coverage surrounding this issue could prompt parents to “stock up” if a product shortage is perceived or feared – which could eventually cause widespread supply shortages for U.S. consumers.  

“CHPA will continue to be in close contact with our member companies as they focus on safeguarding the U.S. supply by maximizing production capacity.”  

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