CHPA Statement on Retailers Limiting Purchases of Children's Pain Relievers

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"Supplies of these products are being replenished as quickly as possible, and there is not a widespread shortage in the US. However, with demand for children’s pain and fever medicines reaching unprecedented levels following this early and severe flu season (along with cases of RSV and COVID), we understand why some retailers have adjusted to impose limits on purchases. This prevents “stock ups” and ensures the availability of these products to as many consumers as possible. This is the earliest peak in influenza we have seen in more than a decade. As a result, sales of pediatric internal analgesics are up 65% compared to the same time last year.

“While CHPA member companies are running manufacturing facilities 24-7 to meet demand, we will continue to encourage consumers to buy only what they need, so other families can find and purchase the medicines they are seeking.

“We are encouraged by new figures from the CDC that flu cases in the US have declined for the third straight week and we hope this will ease the demand for pediatric medicines in the near future. As always, we encourage parents concerned about a child with a respiratory illness and fever to contact their pediatrician or other healthcare provider for additional guidance, including when it comes to an appropriate amount of medicine needed to get them through this flu season."

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