Melatonin Remains a Safe Option for Supporting Healthier Sleep

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The Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) issued the following statement from Duffy MacKay, senior vice president, dietary supplements in response to the recent Journal of the American Medical Association study, Trends in Use of Melatonin Supplements Among US Adults, 1999-2018.

“The prevalence of melatonin supplementation increased significantly over a 20-year period, which tracks perfectly with the growing use of dietary supplements as a safe way to promote health and wellness. In addition, self-reported use of higher levels of melatonin (greater than 5 mg/d) was very low, showing that consumers are using the product responsibly. Melatonin continues to be a safe and prudent option for consumers who want to support their healthy sleep, especially in scenarios where there is no insomnia and self-care is appropriate. If sleep problems persist, then it makes sense to talk to a doctor and seek medication.

“With a growing interest in the category, we encourage consumers to speak with their healthcare providers regarding any use of dietary supplements. For more information on the safe use of dietary supplements, including an interactive tool on how to read a supplement facts label, please visit the CHPA Educational Foundation.”

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