CHPA Principles on COVID-19 Response

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As our nation and the global community respond to an unprecedented pandemic, our thoughts go out to those who have been afflicted by COVID-19 and our praise and support go out to the healthcare providers, emergency responders, supply chain professionals, and public health officials who are on the front lines trying to contain its spread and meet public health needs. 

In these challenging times, consumers are practicing self-care like never before, taking necessary steps to try to protect themselves and their families and, when appropriate, treating self-manageable symptoms at home. This reduces unnecessary visits to an already overwhelmed and fragile healthcare infrastructure. 

CHPA, its educational foundation (KnowYourOTCs), and its member companies are empowering consumers to practice responsible self-care, working 24/7 to provide information and products to help in our nation’s response to this global pandemic.  We’re guided by core principles that assure our industry:

  • Puts safety first:  Monitoring the safety of member products and working to assure they are used appropriately and consistent with labeled indications is even more important amidst fear, uncertainty, and urgent medical needs.
  • Emphasizes quality:  Cutting corners to meet increased demand isn’t acceptable as Americans must be able to trust the quality of the consumer healthcare products they use to maintain their health or relieve symptoms.   
  • Is working hard to assure supply chain continuity:  Members are actively taking steps to ensure a reliable supply of raw materials used in the manufacture of OTC medicines; those steps include monitoring supplies, verifying stocks and orders with suppliers, bringing in materials in advance, and increasing production to meet consumer demands.   
  • Stresses the importance of self-care:  Addressing the current crisis means Americans are relying heavily on consumer healthcare products to help ensure their families’ health needs are being met.  Our members’ products make an important contribution to health system sustainability and alleviate unnecessary burden by allowing people with self-manageable symptoms to safely treat themselves without visiting their healthcare provider.
  • Educates on safe, responsible use:  Our members recognize American families have new questions and needs for information about their products.  Providing a one-stop shop for educational tools to help families select, use, store, and dispose of consumer healthcare products is an increasing emphasis.
  • Trusts American consumers to take care of their families’ every day health needs in this time, and empowers them with tools, education and safe and effective quality products to do so. 
Infographic outlining the six core principles of CHPA's COVID-19 response
The role of CHPA and the OTC industry is more important than ever in the COVID-19 crisis, as consumers seek to practice responsible self-care and manage self-treatable symptoms at home.