CHPA Statement on House Energy & Commerce Committee Microbeads Legislation

Washington, D.C. (November 18, 2015) – Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) President and CEO Scott Melville released the following statement today regarding this afternoon’s House Energy and Commerce (E&C) Committee passage of the Microbead-Free Waters Act of 2015, which provides a reasonable timeframe for the removal microbeads from over-the-counter (OTC) and personal care products.

“Today’s unanimous and bipartisan approval of the Microbead-Free Waters Act of 2015 demonstrates a strong, smart step forward thanks to House Energy and Commerce leadership. Introduced by full E&C Committee Ranking Member Frank Pallone (D-NJ) along with full E&C Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI), this legislation builds upon industry work to phase out plastic microbeads from personal care products.

“CHPA members are committed to reformulating cosmetic OTCs – such as acne face washes and toothpastes – covered under this bill to remove plastic microbeads, or phase them out altogether. We are strongly supportive of a national standard largely consistent with existing state laws that includes appropriate phase-out dates for microbeads in these products, appropriate definitions of key terms, and ensuring uniform enforcement across the nation.

"CHPA members take very seriously concerns about these solid plastic microbeads possibly entering the marine environment. We look forward to continuing the collaborative tone set by the bill’s sponsors today.”

The Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) is the 134-year-old trade association representing the leading manufacturers and marketers of over-the-counter (OTC) medicines and dietary supplements. Every dollar spent by consumers on OTC medicines saves the U.S. healthcare system $6-$7, contributing a total of $102 billion in savings each year. CHPA is committed to promoting the increasingly vital role of over-the-counter medicines and dietary supplements in America’s healthcare system through science, education, and advocacy.

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