Self-Care Marketing Awards

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At this year’s Gala, the CHPA Educational Foundation will present the 2023 U.S. Self-Care Marketing Awards to recognize the strategic innovation and marketing expertise of our member companies in both the over-the-counter (OTC) medicine and dietary supplement industries. Specific awards will recognize top performers in digital marketing, social media, corporate social responsibility, multicultural marketing, and innovation.

2023 Finalists

Best Digital Campaign on a Brand Budget of Less than $5M

  • Focus Consumer Healthcare
    • Product: Pamprin
    • Campaign: “More Than Pain”
  • Lansinoh Laboratories
    • Product: Birth Prep & Recovery
    • Campaign: “Embracing MomME”
  • Rally Labs
    • Product: Blowfish for Hangovers
    • Campaign: “ASMR You Hungover?”

Best Digital Campaign on a Brand Budget of More than $5M

  • Bayer Consumer Health
    • Product: One A Day
    • Campaign: “The Gratitude Project”
  • Colgate-Palmolive Company
    • Product: hello products
    • Campaign: “Strangely Likeable”
  • Kenvue
    • Product: Listerine
    • Campaign: “LISTERINE Train the Trainers”

Best Overall Social Media Campaign 

  • Bausch + Lomb
    • Product: LUMIFY redness reliever eye drops
    • Campaign: “Bausch + Lomb’s TikTok #LUMIFYEyeDance Challenge”
  • Bayer Consumer Health
    • Product: Midol
    • Campaign: “The Real Reason: A Social Experiment”
  • Haleon
    • Product: Tums
    • Campaign: “Love Food Back”

Best Product Launch Campaign on a Brand Budget of Less than $5M

  • Advantice Health
    • Product: Kerasal Nighttime Renewal Fungal Nail Patches
    • Campaign: “Kerasal Patches”
  • Bayer Consumer Health
    • Product: Midol Heat Vibes
    • Campaign: “Introducing Midol Heat Vibes to Gen-Z Influencers”

Best Product Launch Campaign on a Brand Budget of More than $5M

  • Similasan
    • Product: iVIZIA Dry Eye Drops
    • Campaign: “We See A Better Way”
  • Bayer Consumer Health
    • Product:  Astepro Allergy
    • Campaign: “Astepro Allergy OTC Launch”
  • Sanofi Consumer Healthcare
    • Product:  Icy Hot PRO
    • Campaign: “RISE TO PRO”

Best Environmental Impact Campaign

  • Haleon
    • Product: Advil
    • Campaign: “Advil Sustainability Initiative – Greenstock 2023”
  • Kenvue
    • Product: ZYRTEC
    • Campaign: “ZYRTEC Brings Releaf to Historically Excluded Communities and Our Planet”

Best Overall Campaign Promoting Safe Use

  • The Procter & Gamble Company
    • Product: NyQuil and DayQuil High Blood Pressure Cold and Flu Liquid Medicine
    • Campaign: “NyQuil and DayQuil High Blood Pressure Re-Launch”
  • Reckitt
    • Product: Neuriva
    • Campaign: “Neuriva: Think Bigger”
  • Haleon
    • Product: All Haleon Brands
    • Campaign: “Listen to Your Labels”

Best Overall Multicultural and Inclusive Campaign

  • Kenvue
    • Product: BAND-AID Brand OURTONE
    • Campaign: “BAND-AID Brand OURTONE Uplifts Healthcare Heroes”
  • Haleon
    • Product: Flonase
    • Campaign: “Allergies Don’t Discriminate!”
  • Sanofi Consumer Healthcare
    • Product: Aspercreme
    • Campaign: “Asperqueens”

Innovative Marketing Campaign of the Year on a Brand Budget of Less than $5M

  • Reckitt
    • Product: Delsym
    • Campaign: “Feel Better Together Campaign”
  • Sanofi Consumer Healthcare
    • Product: ACT Fluoride Mouthwash
    • Campaign: “Long Live Your Teeth!”
  • WellSpring Consumer Healthcare
    • Product: Bonine
    • Campaign: “Bonine, 9x The Adventure”

Innovative Marketing Campaign of the Year on a Brand Budget of More than $5M

  • Haleon
    • Product: Centrum Silver multivitamins
    • Campaign: “Centrum Silver Multivitamins Campaign (Cosmos)”
  • Kenvue
    • Product: ZYRTEC
    • Campaign: “Zeize the Day”
  • Reckitt
    • Product: Mucinex
    • Campaign: “Mucinex Comeback Season”

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2023 Judging Panel

Glen Davis Headshot
Glen Davis
CEO, Competitive Promotion Report
Musab Balbale Headshot
Musab Balbale
Chief Merchant, CVS Health
Carmen Bauza Headshot
Carmen Bauza
Former SVP/GMM Health and Wellness, Walmart
Amardeep Kahlon Headshot
Amardeep Kahlon
Chief Commercial Officer, Designs for Health
Jocelyn Konrad Headshot
Jocelyn Konrad
President, ForvaVerve; Former Chief Pharmacy Officer, Rite Aid
Professor Tim Calkins Headshots
Professor Tim Calkins
Clinical Professor of Marketing, Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management
Colin MacKenzie Headshot
Colin MacKenzie
Founder/CEO TO THE POINT Advisory; Former Region Head Americas, GSK