Treat with Care

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The Treat with Care campaign provides parents and caregivers of young children with the information they need to safely use pediatric OTC cough and cold medicines. Through a mix of influencer marketing, and paid and earned media tactics, Treat with Care specifically focuses on three objectives:

  • Remind parents and caregivers about the importance of precise dosing

  • Motivate parents and caregivers to always use the dosing device that comes with the medicine

  • Frame milliliters as the recommended measurement for dosing

Learn more about the campaign’s safe use messaging by visiting the Tips for Parents page on

Campaign Highlights

The campaign developed research-backed creative assets to educate parents on the importance of dosing medicine based on their child’s weight, when the Drug Facts label says to do so.
a spoon balanced on a green can of paint
The campaign utilized print and video PSAs to reach millions of parents of young children to remind them to always use the dosing device that comes with the medicine, never a kitchen spoon.