Mariama Boney Headshot on blue background

Mariama Boney, LMSW, CAE

President & CEO, Achieve More LLC

Mariama Boney is deeply committed to creating safe spaces for organizations and people to transform through change.

A facilitator of organizational transitions, she empowers individuals to move through discomfort so they can find shared purpose and create frameworks for constructive dialogue and action planning. Mariama’s textured career has shaped her ability to ‘bridge head and heart,’ fostering healthy human dynamics within organizational infrastructures.

From her early career as a social work case manager at the Salvation Army, she has served through two decades of serving as an educational administrator at Syracuse University, James Madison University, Rochester Institute of Technology, George Mason University, Northern Virginia Community College, plus as an association executive with AAUW, ACPA, NAFSA, Year Up, MMEA, and ACY.

Today, as President and CEO of Achieve More, LLC, a small women and minority owned consultancy, Mariama is transformative, transparent, team-oriented and solution-focused with her skills in facilitation, training, and consulting on behalf of over 500 diverse groups of professionals, students, faculty, and volunteers and for stakeholders of up to 100,000. An innovator of over 750 quality programs, products, and services to expand learning, and implementor of 10 strategic plans and 350 projects for future success, Mariama has helped education, government, non-profit, corporate, and association organizations achieve fiduciary and operational efficiency. Mariama’s commitment to fostering initiatives with the DEIAA (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Access, and Accessibility) sector stems from a personal passion for race equity, dialogue, and leadership. She has facilitated comprehensive multicultural programs, leadership and diversity models, organizational transformation, partnerships, and grants for faculty, staff, students, partners, boards, volunteers, and the community.

Bachelor of Science & Master of Science in Social Work, Syracuse University