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  • Monday, November 5, 2018

    1:00—1:15 p.m.Welcome
    Scott Melville
    President & CEO

    John Herzig
    Vice President – Customer Logistics Service Center
    Bayer Consumer Health
    1:15—1:45 p.m.The State of the OTC Industry
    Lisa Buono
    Principal, Client Insights

    IRI will provide perspective on the size and recent growth drivers of the OTC industry, as well as identify leading categories, brands, manufacturers and retailers. Commentary will also be shared on the increasingly complex path to purchase for packaged goods--the end of the supply chain closest to the consumer.
    1:45—2:45 p.m.Moving On to The Future of Shopping Life®
    Candace Corlett
    WSL Strategic Retail

    Shoppers are on their way to a very different Shopping Life® where time is reordered, service is redefined, price/value is reevaluated, and less stress is the priority — but not all shoppers are moving into this new shopping life at the same pace. Candace Corlett of WSL Strategic Retail will present insights from its How America Shops® studies that make it clear which shopper attitudes and behaviors you need to prioritize in order to deliver what everyone wants — happy shopping.
    2:45—3:15 p.m.Networking Break
    3:15—4:15 p.m.Transportation Session 1: A Panel Discussion on the Impact of Changing Expectations in a Tight Capacity Market
    Dave Bates
    Senior VP – Operations

    Curtis Hart
    Director, Carrier Development Transportation Management
    GEODIS / Americas

    Jace Martin
    Sr. Manager Carrier Development Transportation Management
    GEODIS / Americas

    Bill Matheson
    Senior Vice President / Chief Commercial Officer

    Brian Vires
    Director, Transportation Management
    GEODIS / Americas

    This session will focus on the ways narrowing windows for compliance and higher fees for noncompliance are impacting services. Key takeaways will include how manufacturers have changed their focus and attention to improve on-time performance in the face of this significant change.
    4:15—4:30 p.m.Networking Break
    4:30—5:30 p.m.New Technologies Revolutionizing the Supply Chain
    Dean Croke
    Chief Analytics Officer
    FreightWaves and BiTA

    This session will cover Blockchain101 - what it is and most importantly what it isn't. Key topics with include how the supply chain industry is approaching blockchain and how technologies like ELD's will play a key role in smart contracts being developed by trucking companies and financial institutions. For shippers who are dealing with the capacity crunch, labor shortage, and rising transportation costs, blockchain could be the catalyst to address all three simultaneously and in the process become a shipper of choice.
    5:30—7:00 p.m.Networking Reception

    Tuesday, November 6, 2018

    7:30—8:30 a.m.Breakfast
    8:30—9:30 a.m.The U.S. Trucking Market is in Turmoil – How to Navigate this Transformative Moment
    Jeff Tucker
    Tucker Company Worldwide, Inc.

    The trucking market is in a rare, once or twice in a career moment of capacity crisis. Budgets are being blown. Stocks prices are being harmed by unexpected freight costs. E-Commerce and traditional retailers are pressing manufacturers for perfection in delivery, as they seek zero inventory and 100% throughput to the consumer. Old world procurement practices for transportation make problems worse. What's going on in the market, and how are regulations, technology and e-commerce combining to create a new normal? More importantly--what can you do about it?
    9:30—9:45 a.m.Networking Break
    9:45—10:45 a.m.Combatting the Threat of Cyber Security and Cyber Ransom
    James L. Turgal, Jr.
    Managing Director, Cyber Risk Services Practice
    Deloitte & Touche LLP

    Cybersecurity in the supply chain should not be viewed as an IT problem only. Threats come from all angles, whether it is direct attacks, phishing schemes, data breaches, ransom attacks, or malware and can be introduced in many ways. Cyber supply chain risks can touch sourcing, vendor selection, and supply chain continuity and require a coordinated effort to address. This session will provide you with an understanding of the risks cyber security and cyber ransom treats pose to your supply chain operations and how-to combat them.
    10:45—11:00 a.m.Networking Break
    11:00—NoonSupply Chain Leadership: Importance of Creating Trust

    Paul Stabile
    Organizational Development Consultant

    Patrick Gibbons
    Founding Partner and Vice President
    Emerson Healthcare

    John Herzig
    Vice President – Customer Logistics Service Center
    Bayer Consumer Health

    Keith McGinniss
    Senior Director, Customer Operations
    Pfizer Consumer Healthcare

    Stephen Steffes
    Senior Vice President, North American Operations
    Perrigo Company

    The ability to create trust is the single most critical competency needed today – and creating it is a learnable skill. Trust is confidence born of the character and the competence of a person or an organization. In this session, we’ll outline the key elements of trust and hear from a panel of experts on how they’ve incorporated trust into their day to day activities, sharing examples of the wins they’ve experienced along the way.
    Noon—1:00 p.m.Networking Luncheon
    1:00—2:00 p.m.The Race for Supply Chain 2030: How to Build Next Generation Supply Chain Capabilities
    Lora Cecere
    Supply Chain Insights

    What does the future of supply chain management look like? How should companies prepare? Gain insights on how technologies are changing and what this means for process innovation and the design of organizational teams.


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