Our Members

CHPA Manufacturer member companies manufacture, market, or distribute OTC medicines and dietary supplements.

CHPA Associate member companies supply goods and services to the association's Manufacturer members. Associate members include advertising agencies; national cable, radio, and television networks; contract manufacturers; executive search firms; Internet services; law firms and lawyers, logistics providers; market research firms; packaging designers and packagers; print media; non-OTC and non-dietary supplement manufacturers; sales, marketing, and retail merchandising companies; trade associations and nonprofit foundations; individual and scientific consulting companies; retailers and suppliers; public relations firms; and clinical and research services.

For more information on how to become a member, contact CHPA's Phyllis Taylor.

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Supply Chain Management Consulting *

Virtual Bridge Partners, LLC – Virtual Bridge Partners (VBP) provides strategic sourcing, project management, supply chain, and acquisition due diligence support to the OTC, nutraceutical, and cosmetics industries. VBP's niche is connecting virtual companies with their manufacturing partners.

Strategic Business and/or Marketing Consulting *

Simon-Kucher & Partners – Simon-Kucher helps customers achieve TopLine Power® – with the mission to boost their revenue and profits by optimizing strategy, marketing, pricing and sales. Simon-Kucher is a truly global consultancy with more than 30 years of experience in creating top- and bottom-line growth strategies that deliver measurable results. The consumer healthcare team has the industry knowledge and experience combining broad, long-standing expertise in global healthcare and the fast-moving consumer goods sectors.

Marketing/Media Services *

School Family Media Inc. – School Family Media is a marketing and media services company focused exclusively on helping parents and schools help children succeed by promoting and enabling practical and meaningful parent involvement at school. Their Consumer Marketing Solutions Group focuses on creating custom, through-school, parent-targeted marketing programs, specifically developed for (or tailored to) partner brand objectives, and targeted to a core demographic of families with school age children.

Google, Inc. – Google’s mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. The Google Healthcare team is dedicated to leading the healthcare industry forward by transforming how consumer healthcare and pharmaceutical marketers connect with and inspire consumers and healthcare providers. Google’s insight-driven digital marketing solutions enable advertisers and agencies to more effectively create, manage, and grow high-impact digital advertising campaigns across Google’s search, display, YouTube, mobile, and social platforms.

Regulatory and/or Scientific Consulting *

R A D Consulting, LLC – R A D performs FDA and TSCA regulatory consulting services. Additionally, R A D offers sales and marketing assistance for APIs and intermediates, as well as sourcing capabilities for these products.

RJR Consulting, Inc. – RJR is a contract resource consulting firm serving companies, organizations, and governments around the world including North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Headquarters are in Columbus, Ohio, with consultants in Brussels, Belgium and Buenos Aires, Argentina. RJR specializes in providing clients regulatory affairs and compliance support, initial licensing/submission resources, and variation and product renewal maintenance. With experience across a wide-range of industries from life sciences to consumer products to chemicals/plastics, RJR provides assistance to start-ups, Fortune 100 firms, and companies of all sizes in between.

The “Spotlight” series highlights different CHPA Associate member companies in various categories on a random, rotating basis.