CHPA Commitment to Social Justice: 

CHPA Board of Directors Establishes Diversity & Inclusion Initiative 

 “CHPA and its member companies take pride in the diverse consumer base our industry serves, and we support all those who are raising their voices to advocate for a more just and equitable future for our nation.

“As an organization, and as an industry, we strongly oppose all forms of discrimination and share an unwavering commitment to racial equality. And we recognize that business leaders can and must do more to realize this commitment.”

“To that end, CHPA’s board of directors this week approved a resolution to establish a board-level CHPA Diversity & Inclusion Initiative, led by CHPA Chairman Paul Gama and CHPA President Scott Melville. This Initiative will identify tangible steps that CHPA and its member companies can take, individually and collectively, to promote a more inclusive industry and to support broader efforts to address equal justice and opportunity for all Americans. The first meeting of the Diversity & Inclusion Initiative will take place on Monday, June 29.

“We stand with the tens of thousands of people who gathered in the nation’s capital and around the country calling for an end to racial prejudice. They inspire all of us to do better as a society.”


Founded in 1881, the Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) is the national trade association representing the leading manufacturers and marketers of over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, dietary supplements, and consumer medical devices. Every dollar spent by consumers on OTC medicines saves the U.S. healthcare system more than $7, contributing a total of $146 billion in savings each year. CHPA is committed to empowering consumer self-care by preserving and expanding choice and availability of consumer healthcare products.


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