About CHPA

For more than 138 years, the Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) has served as an effective and vital advocate for the consumer healthcare products industry.

A member-based trade association, CHPA represents the leading manufacturers and marketers of over-the-counter (OTC) medicines and dietary supplements. CHPA members' products provide millions of Americans with safe, effective, and affordable therapies to treat and prevent many common ailments and diseases.

The association provides leadership and guidance on regulatory and scientific issues to Congress; state legislatures; and federal, state, and international government agencies. CHPA also shares educational tools and information with partners across the globe to ensure the safe and responsible use of OTC medicines.

Happier, healthier lives through responsible self-care

Empower self-care by preserving and expanding choice and availability of consumer healthcare products

Workplace Values
Excellence, Integrity, Teamwork, Empowerment, and Development


1881: The Proprietary Association (PA) is formed.
1989: PA changes its name to the Nonprescription Drug Manufacturers Association (NDMA).
1998: NDMA expands its representation to include the dietary supplement industry.
1999: NDMA changes its name to the Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA).
2004: CHPA establishes its nonprofit educational foundation.
2007: CHPA introduces OTCsafety.org as the new home for its consumer education initiatives.
2009: CHPA launches the StopMedicineAbuse.org campaign to fight teen cough medicine abuse.
2011: CHPA launches KnowYourDose.org in partnership with the Acetaminophen Awareness Coalition to educate consumers about safe and effective use of acetaminophen.
2011: CHPA launches UpandAway.org in partnership with the CDC to reduce accidental medicine ingestion in children.
2015 CHPA Educational Foundation rebrands its organizational website to KnowYourOTCs.org.

CHPA represents more than 80 Manufacturer member companies and 155 Associate member companies.

Manufacturer members manufacture or market OTC medicines and dietary supplements, including contract and private label manufacturers.

Associate members are companies that supply goods and services to our manufacturer members. Associate members include advertising agencies; national cable, radio, and television networks; executive search firms; Internet services; law firms and lawyers; logistics providers; market research firms; package designers and packagers; print and digital media; non-OTC, non-dietary supplement, and tablet and other dosage form manufacturers; sales, marketing, and retail merchandising companies; trade associations and nonprofit foundations; individual and scientific consulting companies; ingredient and materials suppliers; public relations firms; clinical research organizations; and more.

CHPA is led by a board of directors from member companies, headed by Chair Gary Downing, chief executive officer, Clarion Brands, LLC.

CHPA President and CEO Scott Melville is the senior staff executive, supervising the association's 35-plus employees across six departments:

  • Administration & Finance
  • Communications
  • Business Development & Industry Relations
  • Government Affairs
  • Policy & Legal
  • Regulatory & Scientific Affairs

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