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  •  Combe Award

  • The Ivan D. Combe Lifetime Achievement Award is CHPA’s highest honor. This award is bestowed upon an outstanding individual whose actions have created a positive impact upon and/or benefit to the consumer healthcare industry and as a result, has directly improved self‐care for U.S. consumers. The award was established in honor of Ivan D. Combe who was exceptionally active in CHPA activities and served on the Association’s board of directors from 1958 until his death in January 2000.


    Tim Hayes

    Tim Hayes (2019)

    “Business can be tough, but Tim’s approach has always been very balanced and fair. He knows how to build great teams like few people in any industry, and his leadership is characterized by his humanity and mutual admiration and respect. He was committed not just to his own organization but to the industry. As a CHPA board member, Tim ensured that his company was there for the important events that we host, so that we were all coming up the learning curve together.” – Scott Melville, CHPA President and CEO

    John Hendrickson

    John Hendrickson (2018)

    “While John describes himself as tremendously competitive, he believes it’s equally as important to partner and support others in their journey. His business success, industry commitment, community involvement, and spirit of giving back to others makes John an extremely deserving recipient of this year’s Ivan D. Combe Lifetime Achievement Award.” - Jeff Needham, Immediate Past Chair, CHPA Board of Directors

    Robert Donovan

    Bob Donovan and Jim Cope (2017)

    “Bob combined his intelligence, pragmatism, and leadership with a uniquely, engaging sense of humor. While results oriented, he possessed a social conscience and was always willing to listen and consider alternate points of view. He graciously served as a mentor to future industry leaders, and thus embodies the attributes that are symbolized by the Ivan D. Combe Award.” - Jeff Needham, Immediate Past Chair, CHPA Board of Directors

    Jim Cope“Jim’s background reads like a history book. Under Cope’s first year of leadership, CHPA played a small but important part in resolving an international crisis – the failed Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba – when hundreds of people were taken prisoner and held hostage by Fidel Castro. Working with CHPA member companies, Cope helped CHPA secure more than $7 million worth of product donations for the hostages who were eventually released safely. Considering amazing stories like this, plus his lifetime of other accomplishments for our industry, this over-due honor could wait no longer.” – Scott Melville, CHPA President and CEO
    Mike Valentino

    Mike Valentino (2016)

    “Mike has more than 30 years of exceptional achievement in the healthcare industry both at pharmaceutical companies and venture-backed start-ups. CHPA is delighted to recognize him for all of his leadership and dedication to the consumer healthcare industry. His legendary business acumen, strong leadership skills, and ability to recognize opportunities has set him apart from others in the industry.” – Scott Melville, CHPA President and CEO

    Chris Combe

    Christopher B. Combe (2015)

    “It’s altogether fitting that Christopher be honored with the award named after his father, as he has certainly carried out his father’s legacy, not only as a strong leader of Combe Incorporated, but also in upholding the principles of this award. As an industry leader and as a true philanthropist committed to various social and educational causes, Christopher exemplifies the ideals celebrated by this honor.” – Scott Melville, CHPA President and CEO

    George Quesnelle

    George Quesnelle (2014)

    “George was a pioneer in the field of switch. His work on groundbreaking Rx-to-OTC switches helped enable hundreds of thousands of people to take control of their health and, ultimately, their well-being. In the industry, George’s peers have long admired his confidence, conviction, and unshakeable integrity. All who have had the privilege to work with him know he lives by the mantra of ‘doing well by doing good.’” – Scott Melville, CHPA President and CEO

    Gary Balkema

    Gary S. Balkema (2013)

    “Gary’s convincing projections of future opportunities, his messages about consumer empowerment, consumer education, working with other stakeholders, and about the important fundamentals of the industry, are as true today as they were then.” - David Webber, Past Chair, WSMI

    Patrick Lonergan

    Pat Lonergan (2012)

    “Pat is a truly brilliant example of a lifetime of achievement and legacy of leadership. His work has touched thousands of lives personally and millions of lives indirectly through his five decades of effort to improve self-care for U.S. consumers. He is a crusader within our industry, and an inspiring leader among his peers, employees, community, and family.” – Scott Melville, CHPA President and CEO

    Linda Suydam and Stan Barshay

    Linda Suydam and Stan Barshay (2010)

    Stan Barshay helped launch, and oversaw multiple iconic brands while at Wyeth, Schering-Plough and Merck. Throughout his career, Barshay was as a mentor to those serving under him, helping and encouraging them to strive for excellence.

    Lisa Suydam devoted her professional life to bettering the U.S. healthcare system, through a 21-year career at FDA which culminated as the highest-ranking, non-political executive position in the agency. She was president of CHPA from 2002-2010. She was the recipient of numerous awards and honors during her career, which also included a three-year stint at a staff member at the Health Sciences Center of the University of New Mexico.

    Ivan Combe

    Ivan D. Combe (posthumously) (2001)

    Ivan Combe instilled in all of us every day our company credo “How can we do it better?”


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