CHPA Board charts new course for CHPA Educational Foundation

New structure will provide framework for enhanced consumer outreach

Washington, D.C. (November 21, 2013) – Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) President and CEO Scott Melville today announced a commitment to expand the industry’s consumer education arm, the CHPA Educational Foundation. By providing the foundation new resources and structure the board aims to build the foundation’s public presence and ultimately contribute a greater impact on safe use of consumer healthcare products in the years to come. 

In Wednesday’s board of directors meeting, the CHPA Board of Directors affirmed full support of a new vision – happier, healthier lives through responsible self-care –  and mission that focuses on three priority areas: helping consumers use, store, and dispose of OTC medicines and dietary supplements responsibly. “Our association launched the CHPA Educational Foundation nearly a decade ago out of a commitment to promoting the safe use of our members’ products,” CHPA President and CEO Scott Melville said. “As new tools and technologies continue to empower consumers to practice self-care, the board has voted to provide more resources to the foundation to help consumers do so responsibly. This means educating consumers on how to use, store, and dispose of consumer healthcare products and reinforcing why this is important to their family’s health and our nation’s health.” Melville said.

The board also named CHPA’s Vice President of Communications Emily Skor the executive director of the CHPA Educational Foundation. In addition to managing CHPA’s communications department, Skor will lead the association’s efforts to revamp the CHPA Educational Foundation.

“Since coming to CHPA, Emily has a notable track record fostering strong public-private partnerships to encourage responsible self-care,” Melville said. “With the full backing and support of CHPA’s board of directors, I’m excited to see her build on this coalition work as we bring new structure, focus, and resources to our consumer education and outreach.”

Skor led the foundation’s launch of its two largest educational campaigns, Up and Away and Out of Sight and Know Your Dose. Up and Away and Out of Sight reminds families of the importance of safe medicine storage and is led by the CHPA Educational Foundation and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and its PROTECT Initiative – a collaboration of public health agencies, private sector companies, professional organizations, consumer/patient advocates, and academic experts, and of which the foundation is a founding member. Know Your Dose is an educational program of the Acetaminophen Awareness Coalition, a collaboration of leading health, healthcare providers, and consumer organizations educating consumers on the importance of acetaminophen safe use. In addition, Skor oversees the foundation’s online hub and its Treat with Care initiative on the safe use of pediatric cough and cold medicines.

“I’m honored by this appointment and encouraged by the board’s commitment to the CHPA Educational Foundation,” Skor said. “I look forward to building on our past success, expanding our reach and our impact.”

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CHPA is the 132-year-old trade association representing U.S. manufacturers and distributors of over-the-counter medicines and dietary supplements.