CHPA Statement on Journal of Pediatrics Study

Flow Restrictors May Help Reduce Children’s Accidental Ingestion of Acetaminophen

Washington, D.C. (July 25, 2013) — The Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) issued the following statement today in response to a study published by “The Journal of Pediatrics.” The study, “Efficacy of Flow Restrictors in Limiting Access of Liquid Medication by Young Children,” was conducted by researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Emory University, and the Georgia Poison Center.

“In May 2011 CHPA member companies that manufacture single-ingredient pediatric oral acetaminophen undertook a number of voluntary initiatives to help parents and caregivers use these important medicines and reduce potential medicine errors. Specifically, manufacturers committed to converting all pediatric formulations (children’s and infants’) to one concentration, standardizing the markings on dosing devices, providing age-appropriate dosing devices with each bottle, and adding new flow restrictors to the bottles.

“The CDC’s study published today shows that the new flow restrictors used on the pediatric single-ingredient acetaminophen may help prevent harmful exposure should a young child get ahold of the medicine while unsupervised. CHPA and its members companies will continue to monitor the real-world impact of the new flow restrictors and other liquid acetaminophen product initiatives and will continue to support CDC’s and others’ research in this area. As we learn more, we will use the data to inform our ongoing effort to help families use over-the-counter products safely and appropriately.

“Numerous studies, including those conducted by CHPA and its member companies, are clear:  Unsupervised accidental medicine ingestion is the number one reason young children wind up in the emergency room related to medication exposure. To help prevent this, the CHPA Educational Foundation partners with the PROTECT Initiative and CDC on Up and Away and Out of Sight, an educational campaign to remind parents and caregivers about the importance of safe storage. Launched in 2011, this public-private partnership is supported by the Food and Drug Administration, healthcare providers, consumer groups, and public health advocates and has reached millions of parents and caregivers. CHPA remains fully committed to this mission.”

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