Congressional Effort to Address Meth Abuse Supported by CHPA

Washington, D.C. (March 3, 2006)—CHPA applauds Congress for its efforts to address methamphetamine abuse in this country and supports passage of provisions to address methamphetamine abuse found within the U.S. Patriot Act, passed by the Senate March 2. This legislation is a significant move forward in the development of a comprehensive approach to address meth abuse, and serves as an important step to prevent the diversion of safe and effective cold medicines to the illegal manufacturing of methamphetamine.

As with any substance abuse epidemic, CHPA believes demand reduction is critical in effectively addressing the meth problem. In conjunction with the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, CHPA was pleased to help create and support the first of its kind prevention initiative designed to address methamphetamine abuse. This program uses pediatricians and the media to help communicate to young people and parents the health consequences of meth use, thereby reducing the demand. The campaign targeted parents and teens in Phoenix and St. Louis, and has since been expanded to Tennessee. First year research results from the program show a significant impact on parents and teens attitudes about meth as a health risk. As a result of the positive impact these programs had on the communities, this program has expanded in other states across the country.

In addition to comprehensive demand reduction education, CHPA launched the national Meth Watch program in June 2004 and has distributed over a million dollars to help states implement Meth Watch programs. In partnership with CHPA, law enforcement, retailers, and local communities, Meth Watch seeks to help prevent the diversion of household products to the illegal manufacturing of meth.

CHPA will continue to encourage and support tough, comprehensive measures to attack this problem at every level of its manufacture and use. We encourage Congress to make sufficient funds available to implement aggressive demand reduction and treatment programs around the country.

Contacts: Elizabeth Assey and Virginia Cox, 202.429.9260

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